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The South African Institute of Auctioneers Promotes the Auction Industry by Serving our Members, Stakeholders and the Public.

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URGENT NOTICE ALERT – Please note the following companies are NOT members of The S.A Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA). We would recommend that if you do use any of these companies to do so with the utmost caution.

Scammer doing the rounds - THR Auctioneers using the email address [email protected] and physical address 8 Top Road, Boksburg, Johannesburg

Another scammer impersonating one of our members Devco Auctioneers using website fake

They have set up a website, along with an old Logo. Devco Auctioneers legitimate website is

Scam company pretending to be Accelerated Auctioneers using website fake

They have set up a website, along with a fake SAIA certificate. Accelerated Auctioneers real website is

Fake company pretending to be 4 Dimension Auctions using website fake

They have set up a fake website, and are telling buyers that they are able to withdraw a vehicle from the auction and secure the purchase if they pay 50% of the price up front. 4 Dimension Auctions real website is

Autohuis Auctioneers

Prime Auto Auctioneers

SA Car Dealers & Auctioneers 

Niche Auto (PTY) Ltd 

Rand Gate Auctioneers

Cedar Auto Auctioneers

Atlantic Auctioneers

Auto impound vehicles (

Capital Auto Auctioneers

MotorMart Auto Auctioneers


PVA Auto Auctioneers


It has come to our attention that there are some fraudulent Facebook pages impersonating Auction Businesses and advertising scam auctions on Facebook. Unfortunately, there have been members of the public who have fallen victim to these scams.

The South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA) proposes buyers run through the following safety tips to ensure that they do not fall victim:

  1. At no time whatsoever will auctioneers require a deposit for viewing purposes, they will however require a refundable deposit to register to bid at the auction. All vehicles relating to bank repossessions will only be sold via auction and the same usually applies to liquidations and insolvencies. 
  2. Insist on an invoice with letterhead and company details as well as reference number should you need to make payment. Make every attempt to verify account details.
  3. Verify that you are dealing with the correct and legitimate company, Check the company’s contact details ie. landline, email, physical address, Google and use Google Maps to check.
  4. Establish how the auction will be conducted, how to login and how the bidding will work. It should be simple and transparent
  5. Financial Institutions will never sell the vehicles before an auction. If you are interested in a vehicle, you have to attend the auction.
  6. Do not be tempted to engage in off-hand / pre auction negotiations, as no pre auction negotiations will be done before a vehicle is placed on auction as auctioneers firmly work on instructions received by sellers, such as financial institutions, liquidators, collectors etc who always require legitimate auctioneers to fetch the highest bid on auction.
  7. When in doubt, contact SAIA to verify and establish whether the company is known to the institute and is a member in good standing.

Help us to prevent this from happening to others.

We urge all to please be vigilant and check that you are viewing registered auctioneer's pages and actual auctions.


It has come to our attention that there are some fraudulent Facebook pages and bogus websites impersonating Auction Businesses and advertising scam auctions on Facebook. Unfortunately, there have been members of the public who have fallen victim to these scams.

We have been notified by fellow members of the following scam auctions:

Rose-Innes Auctions CLICK HERE to view
ClareMart Auction Group CLICK HERE to view
PV Auctions CLICK HERE to view

Wheels in Auction CLICK HERE to view


If you suspect any suspicious profiles or auctions as being a scam, you can do the following:

We would like to request that our members share with us if they have had similar experiences so we can document these scams, share them with the public and expose these fraudsters.

You can contact us directly, or Log A Complaint 

The South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA), the official governing body for the auction industry, ADVISES the public to first confirm if an auctioneer is a SAIA member. Non-SAIA members fall outside SAIA's ambit to protect the public and don't subscribe to its Code of Ethics.

Verify auctioneers by visiting or email Sonja Styger on [email protected].

Please find below a list of Auctioneers who are NOT SAIA Members. This list is not exhaustive or maintained daily, please refer to our member auctioneers list for current members, if they are not listed they are not members.

Die Suid-Afrikkanse Instituut vir Afslaers (SAIA), die offisiele beskermliggaam vir die afslaers industrie, adviseer die publiek om seker te maak dat 'n afslaer wel 'n SAIA geregistreerde lid is. Nie-SAIA geregistreerde afslaers val buite SAIA se beskermingsjurisduksie waarbinne hul die publiek kan beskerm en hooef ook nie aan SAIA se Etiese Kode te voldoen nie.

Besoek of stuur 'n e-pos aan Sonja Styger, [email protected] en bevestig of afslaers wel SAIA geregistreerde lede is.

Vind asseblief hieronder, 'n lys van afslaers wat nie SAIA lede is nie. Hierdie lys word nie daagliks volledig of onderhou nie. Raadpleeg ons lede-afslaerslys vir huidige lede. As hulle nie gelys is nie, is hulle nie lede nie.

I-Institute of South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA), ibhunga elilawulayo elisemthethweni kwintengiso, IQONDISA uluntu ukuba liqinisekise okokuqala ukuba umntu othungayo uyilungu le-SAIA. Amalungu angewona-SAIA aphelelwa ngaphandle kwe-SAIA ukulungiselela ukukhusela uluntu kwaye angabhalisi kwiKhowudi yokuziphatha.

Qinisekisa abathengisi ngokutyelela okanye u-imeyile uSonja Styger ku [email protected] .

nceda ufumane ngaphantsi kweluhlu lwabathengi abangengamalungu e-SAIA


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