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SAIA - South African Institute of Auctioneers


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The South African Institute of Auctioneers Promotes the Auction Industry by Serving our Members, Stakeholders and the Public.

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Announcing New Board Members

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. The pandemic caused many disruptions, frustrations and changes to the way we do business and handle auctions, but with the guidance, support and professionalism of our board, we were able rise above and overcome these challenges.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our re-elected members for their dedication, effort and industry expertise: John Cowing, Phillip Powell, Martin Dibowitz, Marc Roberts, Clive Lazarus, Gift Ngwenya, Jacques Van der Linde, Bill Hartard, Nico Maree, Lufuno Ramoyada, Kwanele Boltina, Charles Rwizi, Sipho Nzuza and Tsitso Setai.

The South African Institute of Auctioneers is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to the Board: Disa Smuts, Chris Lotter and Sam Segopane. We are excited to welcome these talented individuals and we believe that their unique backgrounds and diverse experience will make them a great asset to the SAIA Board.

We would like to thank our outgoing board members Stef Olivier and John Tibane for their dedication during their tenure, and wish them all of the best for their future endeavours. 

New Board 2021-2023:

John Cowing - Chairperson 
[email protected] 
083 662 0237

Phillip Powell - Vice Chairperson - Head of Governance
[email protected] 
082 551 5654

Sonja Styger - National Secretary
[email protected] 
021 813 6342

Martin Dibowitz - Finance Director - Head of Finance
[email protected] 
083 264 1646

Bill Hartard - Governance & Compliance Director 
[email protected] 
082 655 3679

Nico Maree - Governance & Compliance Director 
[email protected] 
082 625 4455

Jacques van der Linde - Governance & Compliance Director 
[email protected] 
082 444 4088

Marc Roberts - Membership Director - Head of Membership
[email protected] 
082 493 9972

Kwanele Boltina - Head of Transformation 
[email protected] 
082 532 8896

Gift Ngwenya - Head of Stakeholders 
[email protected] 
082 680 7127

Tsitso Setai -Transformation & Stakeholders 
[email protected] 
064 025 7829

Sipho Nzuza - Transformation & Stakeholders 
[email protected] 
082 323 3397

Charles Rwizi - Head of Education 
[email protected] 
083 742 3377

Disa Smuts - Education 
[email protected] 
083 630 1953

Sam Segopane - Education 
[email protected] 
074 622 3202

Lufuno Ramoyada - Head of Public Relations 
[email protected] 
072 191 4121

Clive Lazarus - Public relations & Marketing Director
[email protected] 
082 778 6002

Chris Lotter - Marketing
[email protected] 
072 431 3033

SAIA Board Committes



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